Momentive Performance Materials Debuts PV Encapsulant


Momentive Performance Materials Inc., a provider of silicones and other materials, has launched the SilTRUST silicone encapsulant for PV modules.

According to the company, the transparent encapsulant can help ensure the long-lasting performance of solar energy photovoltaic modules in harsh outdoor environments, while improving the light-to-electricity conversion yield.

SilTRUST encapsulant can be used to surround the fragile solar cells of the PV module with a flexible, stress-dissipating silicone matrix that adheres well, yet does not transfer much of the mechanical stress the cell may suffer due to harsh environmental conditions, the company explains.

Because silicones do not absorb ultraviolet light, more sunlight reaches the surface of the solar cell, where it becomes available for conversion to electricity. The refractive index of SilTRUST encapsulant closely matches the refractive index of glass, reducing energy-dissipating reflection of sunlight away from the solar cell, Momentive Performance Materials adds.

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