Morgan Technical Ceramics Introduces Fused Silica Rollers


The Bolt Technical Ceramics business of Morgan Technical Ceramics is now offering fused silica rollers for use in solar energy applications. The fused silica rollers are manufactured under the Haldenwanger brand name in Morgan Technical Ceramics' facilities in Yixing, China, and Waldkraiburg, Germany.

The mechanical properties and surface quality of the fused silica rollers make them ideal for use in both diffusion and thin-film processing of solar panels, the company says. The fused silica rollers move hot glass panels through the deposition process used in manufacturing thin-film photovoltaic cells.

Silica's coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is <1 x 10-6/ degrees C – lower than that of any other ceramic material, Morgan Technical Ceramics notes. This low CTE, combined with its chemical compatibility with glass, make fused silica rollers an ideal choice for ensuring the glass panels remains flat during the manufacturing process.

The rollers are also used to move silicon wafers through the acid doping process, where corrosive acid and high temperatures are required.

Morgan Technical Ceramics: (973) 227-8877

SOURCE: Morgan Technical Ceramics

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