Morgan Technical Ceramics Offering PBN Material For TFPV Manufacturing


Morgan Technical Ceramics' chemical vapor deposition materials business is now offering pyrolytic boron nitride (PBN) material for use in manufacturing the photo absorption layer in thin-film photovoltaic (TFPV) cells.

According to the company, this material is suitable for crucibles and evaporation boats used in the production of TFPV cells, as well as for coating graphite heating elements used for material vaporization. PBN material features high corrosion resistance and non-reactivity with the source materials used in PV deposition.

In addition, PBN material is highly anisotropic (directionally dependent) in its thermal transport and very resistant to thermal shock. PBN is also an excellent electrical insulator. The material is stable in inert and reducing atmospheres up to 2,800 degrees C, and in oxidizing atmospheres to 850 degrees C.

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SOURCE: Morgan Technical Ceramics

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