Morgan Technical Ceramics Offers PBN Material For Thin-Film Manufacturing


Morgan Technical Ceramics' chemical vapor deposited (CVD) materials business has made available its Performance Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) material for use in manufacturing the photo absorption layer in thin-film photovoltaic (TFPV) cells. According to the company, performance PBN is an excellent material for crucibles and evaporation boats used in producing the TFPV cells, as well as for coating graphite heating elements used for material vaporization.

In the TFPV deposition process, precursor vapors are transported from a source vessel into a deposition zone onto a heated substrate to deposit the PV layer. In some instances, solid materials are melted and vaporized from ceramic crucibles or boats to form a flux that is deposited on the heated substrate.

Ceramic crucibles or boats must be dimensionally stable and chemically non-reactive to the molten source material. PBN ceramic features high corrosion resistance and non-reactivity with the source materials used in PV deposition, the company notes. MTC manufactures PBN crucibles, evaporation boats, and coated heating elements made via a CVD process, which creates ultra-high purity material.Â

Morgan Technical Ceramics: 44 1299 872210

SOURCE: Morgan Technical Ceramics

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