Motorola Completes Wind And Solar Trial


Motorola Inc. has successfully completed a trial to demonstrate the feasibility of alternative power systems that can support remote global systems for mobile communication base stations (BTS) for wireless communication.

In collaboration with Bristol, Bath and Surrey Universities, Motorola ran the year-long test at its GSM facility in Swindon, U.K. The trial concluded that a combination of solar cells and wind turbines can generate 1,200 watts in a continual cycle – enough to drive a mid-sized BTS and support a microwave backhaul installation – the company says.

‘Using eco-powered BTS can help operators to lower operating costs,’ says Mohammad Akhtar, vice president, global product management GSM/UMTS, Motorola sales and services Inc. ‘This reduction in operating expenditure can be critical for operators in emerging markets when building networks that reach customers in remote locations.’

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