Mott Brings GasShield To Solar PV, Polysilicon Markets


Mott Corp. has introduced its GasShield product line to the photovoltaics technology and polysilicon processing markets. The company says GasShield, with a proven history in the semiconductor market, has been recently applied in a variety of photovoltaic production processes.

Mott supplies a wide variety of high-flow gas filters, high-efficiency diffusers and larger process gas filtration systems used to remove silicon dust from hydrogen and silane reactors. The company also offers inline, all-metal gas filters for use in thin-film solar panel production and gas diffusers for providing uniform gas flows in thin-film and chemical vapor deposition processes.

The company says its product configurations deliver a greatly increased filtration area in a smaller physical footprint, allowing customers to realize increased process efficiency, higher product quality and meaningful energy savings.

Mott: (860) 747-6333


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