Moxa Unveils Remote Solar Plant Monitoring Systems


California-based Moxa has unveiled its UC-8100 Series computer and software platform intended to enable systems providers to offer a monitoring service for any remote field devices.

The UC-8100 series data loggers have two LAN ports and up to two serial ports to connect to inverters, string combiners, smart meters and other devices and then transmit that data over Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular connections. The most powerful model will feature a 1 GHz CPU and a micro SD slot for additional data storage. Moxa says the systems work with equipment made by any manufacturer.

The software platform – provisionally named MXcloud – collects data from multiple data loggers at multiple locations, and allows systems providers to manage each data logger and attached device remotely.

Both the UC-8100 Series computer and the MXcloud software package are scheduled for release in early 2014.

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