MTII Develops Thickness Measurement System For Solar Cell Production


MTI Instruments Inc. (MTII), a developer of precision measurement solutions, has released the PV1000 – a thickness measurement system for solar cell production.

‘Our PV1000 addresses a critical need for solar cell manufacturers around the world who are now experiencing significant growth and need to manufacture higher quantities of solar cells for mass consumption,’ says Peng Lim, CEO of parent company Mechanical Technology Inc. ‘PV1000 can be incorporated into solar cell production lines to help them quickly determine quality control issues, saving manufacturers time and money.’

The PV1000 was designed using a flexible platform as part of MTII's business strategy to create families of products and services and provide complete system solutions for its customers. Using this flexible platform, MTII's product team used feedback from leading solar cell manufacturers to design the final product.

MTII: (518) 533-2220

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