Murphy Flats Project To Feature Siemens Technology


Siemens Industry Inc. says it has received a multimillion-dollar order from Interconnect Solar Development LLC to supply solar technology for the 20 MW Murphy Flats solar field located in Idaho. According to Siemens, the project is the first commercial solar field to be integrated within Idaho Power Co.'s service territory.

The Siemens technology, which will be manufactured at the company's West Chicago plant, will include inverters, transformers and containers. The technology will also feature what Siemens describes as a ‘major technology advantage’ by using 1,000 VDC inverters along with 1,000 VDC panels.

Specifically, the Murphy Flats project will include Siemens Sinvert photovoltaic inverter technology in a multi-unit cluster design. The inverters are integrated within environmentally controlled and air-cooled containers, which Siemens says help to ensure that output demands are delivered for the expected 20-year lifespan of the solar plant. The farm will also feature Siemens' PV-WinCC supervisory control and data acquisition software.

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