Mustang Solar Receives Thin-Film PV Research Grant


Mustang Solar, a Sarasota, Fla.-based subsidiary of Mustang Vacuum Systems, has been awarded $2 million from the Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficient Technologies Grant Program of the Florida Energy & Climate Commission.

The grant will be used to supplement Mustang Solar's further development of the company's advanced PV deposition technologies, aimed at transitioning high-efficiency solar cell lab processes to industrial solar cell manufacturing.

Thin-film deposition processes, such as evaporation, sputtering and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition used in other industrial processes are being used in conjunction with Mustang Solar's proprietary technology, enabling PV cell producers to scale up their processes from lab to production, the company explains. Mustang Solar anticipates adding over 100 jobs in the next two years.

SOURCE: Mustang Solar

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