NABCEP Releases New Entry-Level Photovoltaic Learning Objectives


The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) has accepted and approved the release of a newly revised set of learning objectives for its Photovoltaic Entry Level Exam program.

‘These Learning Objectives offer educators and students considerably more guidance with respect to the materials that will be covered in the Photovoltaic Entry Level Exam,’ says Ezra Auerbach, executive director of NABCEP. ‘They now offer much greater detail and include a course blueprint.’

The new learning objectives can be viewed and downloaded here.

A new exam based on the revised learning Objectives will be distributed in February 2010. Until then, all exams will be based on the old Photovoltaic Entry Level learning objectives. Renewable energy educators are urged to use the revised learning objectives when developing materials for courses that will be delivered after the end of this year, NABCEP says.


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