NANOGEN Power Systems Debuts Portable CSP Units


NANOGEN Power Systems, based in Cocoa, Fla., has introduced the NanoCSP line of modular and portable concentrating solar power (CSP) products. According to the company, these units bring the economics and efficiency of large-scale CSP solar systems to the 250 kW to 10 MW marketplace.

Each power plant is self-contained and packaged in steel cargo containers that can be shipped worldwide by sea, barge, truck or rail. Upon arrival, the containers are aligned with the sun, based on latitude, using a surveyor's transit, and within 48 hours, two workers can have the power plant operational, the company says.

Unlike the existing bent-glass mirrors used in large-scale CSP plants, NanoCSP troughs are lightweight, shatterproof thermoplastic components that are 100% recyclable and nontoxic. The solar troughs heat a proprietary thermal liquid that powers the organic rankine cycle engine, which turns 250 kW to 10 MW generators. A proprietary tank stores the heated thermal fluid at a temperature sufficient to power the generator for up to 16 hours after the sun has set, the company adds.


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