NanoGram Selects OTB For Facility Build-Out

NanoGram Corp. has selected OTB Group as one of its contributing partners in building out the company's solar pilot plant, which is currently under construction in Milpitas, Calif.

NanoGram will use the facility to scale up its SilFoil technology, which employs the company's proprietary laser reactive deposition process.

‘By partnering with OTB, we are integrating the expertise and proprietary technology of two companies working to speed the time-to-market of NanoGram's SilFoil technology,’ says Dr. Kieran Drain, president and CEO of NanoGram. ‘OTB is helping us to deliver affordable, highly efficient, and reliable photovoltaic modules to the renewable energy market.’

‘OTB has the process engineering know-how, as well as proprietary inkjet printing and laser technologies, to build the equipment that effectively produces this next-generation solar cell,’ adds Dr. Paul Breddels, CEO of OTB Group.



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