NanoMarkets Report Charts Nanocrystalline Silicon’s Impact On PV Market


A new report from NanoMarkets LC, a market research firm based in Glen Allen, Va., states that silicon nanocrystals and printed forms of silicon will transform electronics over the next decade, particularly in the photovoltaic (PV) market.

According to the report, solar panels created by using nanocrystalline silicon – some of them printed with silicon inks – are expected to offer efficiencies higher than any current commercial PV cells can offer. By 2015, the report predicts, solar panels created using this technology are expected to reach sales levels of around $245 million. The report can be accessed from the company's Web site:

NanoMarkets is also compiling another report that examines the market opportunities for materials used in the manufacture of thin film and organic PV. The report, which is scheduled for a release in early 2008, will examine the advantages, disadvantages, research directions and manufacturability associated with these materials.

The new report will also include profiles of firms involved in developing and manufacturing thin film organic PV materials, and detailed eight-year forecasts of the materials markets in value and volume terms with break outs by application and materials.

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