Nanosys Introduces QD Soleil Division


Palo Alto, Calif.-based Nanosys has created QD Soleil, a wholly owned division focused on the use of its proprietary nanotechnology in solar panel cell designs. Nanotechnology is the next step in the natural evolution of a solar-generated, grid-ready energy supply, the company says.

QD Soleil's intellectual property includes over 500 patents and patent applications. According to the company, this technology has been refined over many years and exploits the best-in-class inorganic material compositions, processing and integration chemistries, and includes the most stable nanomaterial formulations known.

Applications of the technology and intellectual property include additive enhancement layers for light conversion engineering, nano-particle inks, light waveguide concentrators and nanomaterial composites for enhancing overall solar cell efficiency.

Nanosys is considering strategic options to maximize the value of QD Soleil, including a possible sale to a large photovoltaic manufacturer. QD Soleil is now meeting with potential partners and parties interested in acquiring a substantial footprint in nanotechnology for photovoltaics.

SOURCE: Nanosys

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