Natcore Building Second Cell Processing Station


Natcore Technology Inc. has commissioned the construction of an upgraded AR-Box solar cell processing station that will include black silicon capability.

Like the original AR-Box, this second-generation device will be manufactured by MicroTech Systems Inc. of Fremont, Calif., a provider of wet-bench manufacturing equipment for solar applications and other industries.

Although Natcore has negotiated a Chinese joint venture that is intended to provide AR-Box equipment for the Chinese market, the company chose to produce this new machine in the U.S. because of MicroTech's particular expertise.

Under the terms of Natcore's agreement, MicroTech will also be licensed to sell AR-Box equipment to North American solar cell manufacturers.

Natcore expects that the new AR-Box will be completed in the first quarter of 2013. Pending a successful testing outcome, Natcore says it then hopes to sell the machine to its first customer.

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