Natcore Signs Alliances To Build Solar Cell Factories


Natcore Technology Inc. has formed three strategic alliances designed to accelerate the company's response to requests for solar cell manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and abroad. Memoranda of understanding have been signed with Jacob White Construction, Spire Corp. and Helium Resources.

Natcore explains that it has been asked by private and governmental entities from New Mexico, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and Brazil to use its liquid phase deposition technology in the construction of factories that would make silicon solar cells and assemble them into panels.

Jacob White Construction will work with Natcore to build the facilities and provide consulting services during project design, build-out and start-up phases. Spire Corp. will outfit Natcore's new facilities and train the personnel who work in them. Helium Resources will work to attract workforce personnel.

SOURCE: Natcore Technology Inc.

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