Natcore Technology, Kodak Enter Thin-Film PV Research Agreement


Natcore Technology Inc. has signed a joint development agreement with Eastman Kodak Co. that is designed to combine Natcore's unique combinations of materials and materials-processing technology, including its exclusive liquid phase deposition process, with Kodak's coating, formulation, drying and conveyance technologies.

The scope of work will encompass development of all of Natcore's thin-film photovoltaic technology, along with Natcore's anti-reflection coating technology. The first stage will focus on bringing its nanostructured thin-film solar cell technology into commercial production, Natcore says.

The goal is to develop the roll-to-roll processing needed to make the flexible thin-film cell, verify it in Kodak's pilot line, design and build the commercial-scale deposition equipment for insertion into one of Kodak's underutilized film lines, and start commercial production. Natcore says it will initiate work on other projects as circumstances dictate.

The work will be conducted at the Natcore Research and Development Center, located at Eastman Business Park in Rochester, N.Y. Last month, Natcore signed a lease for space at the business park.

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