Natcore Technology Names Margadonna To Advisory Board


Daniele Margadonna, chief technology officer of Italy-based MX Group SpA, has been selected to chair a new advisory board being formed by Natcore Technology Inc.

MX Group has extensive experience in the planning and construction of turnkey photovoltaic plants, Natcore says. Margadonna, a solar scientist, focuses on three key research areas of particular interest to Natcore: selective emitter concepts, backside passivation and epitaxial growth for wafer production.

Following research and development positions at the Italian National Research Council, ENI Groupe and Eurosolare, Margadonna established E.T.AE, a consulting company focused on photovoltaic technologies. At E.T.AE, he fulfilled consultancy contracts for companies in Italy, Namibia, Norway, India, Switzerland and Sweden.

Margadonna is author or co-author of more than 40 scientific publications and six patents in the PV sector.

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