National Grid Renewables Breaks Ground on Kentucky Unbridled Project


National Grid Renewables has started construction on its Unbridled solar project, located in Henderson and Webster counties, Ky. 

At 160 MW, Unbridled is anticipated to be the largest producer of solar energy in the state once it reaches operations next year, says the company.

“We’re both proud and excited to be constructing the largest solar renewable energy project in the state of Kentucky,” says Blake Nixon, president of National Grid Renewables. “Unbridled is our first project within the state and exemplifies our commitment to the clean energy transition and the benefits it provides to rural economies in the form of new tax revenue and jobs throughout America.”

The project has a previously announced PPA with Big Rivers Electric and is partnering with Wanzek to complete the build.

“The Unbridled solar project will be a new and valuable addition to the diverse power portfolio needed to provide safe, reliable and sustainable energy to our member-owners,” adds Bob Berry, president and CEO of Big Rivers Electric. “This large-scale project also prioritizes our region with solar development that directly benefits the local economy and generates power for the people we serve.”

Unbridled Solar has also pledged to contribute $800,000 through a dedicated project charitable fund over the first 20 years of operations.

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