National Semiconductor Debuts New SolarMagic Integrated Circuits


National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced 10 new SolarMagic integrated circuits (ICs), the first in a series developed to reduce cost, improve reliability and simplify design of PV systems.

The products, which include a full-bridge gate driver and a micropower voltage regulator, are well-suited for a variety of photovoltaic electronic applications, including those found in micro-inverters, power optimizers, charge controllers and panel safety systems, according to the company.

The new SolarMagic ICs are the first developed to meet photovoltaic renewable energy-grade qualification requirements, National says. Each IC is engineered specifically for demanding rooftop environments and passed rigorous testing. In addition, the company says the ICs ensure long-term operation, developed to meet and exceed the 25-year life expectancy of photovoltaic modules.

SOURCE: National Semiconductor

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