National Solar Power Selects Florida’s Gadsden County For Planned 400 MW Solar Project


National Solar Power says it will build a 400 MW solar installation in Gadsden County, Fla. The project is expected to generate hundreds of new jobs and create $1.5 billion in economic investment in the region. A minimum of 20 farms will be built on 200-acre sites at a cost of $70 million each, according to National Solar Power.

‘Gadsden County was chosen for this significant project for many reasons, including its great year-round climate, strong community leadership, incredibly inviting regional support and the strong potential for future economic growth,’ says James Scrivener, CEO of National Solar Power.

Once the appropriate local and state permitting process is completed, the first phase of the project is expected to be up and running within six months of ground-breaking. Hensel Phelps Construction Co. will design, build and operate the projects for National Solar Power.

National Solar Power has entered into an agreement with Progress Energy Florida and says it is having discussions with other potential customers to purchase power generated by the Gadsden County project.

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