Nautilus And North American Roofing Enter Partnership Agreement


New Jersey-based Nautilus Solar Energy LLC and North Carolina-based North American Roofing Services Inc. have announced an agreement to provide combined roofing and solar solutions to commercial, industrial and government customers in the U.S.

‘In building applications, solar and roofing are inseparable, so it makes sense to combine the offerings of two companies with strong histories in their respective markets to maximize the benefits to our customers,’ says Jim Rice, CEO of Nautilus Solar.

Under a power purchase agreement, the companies say they will provide seamless solar and roofing solutions to its customers. Rice comments, ‘The beauty of this structure enables customers to realize cost savings on their electricity prices from a renewable resource – solar – with no capital cost or ongoing maintenance costs while minimizing roof upgrade and maintenance costs through a single transaction agreement."

Brian Verble, president and CEO of North American Roofing, adds, ‘By creating a roofing and solar energy system that is integrated from the beginning, the customer's long-term financial return on the investment becomes immediately obvious because unintended damage or costs from improper installation to both the roof and solar is minimized, even eliminated."

The partners also say combined marketing and product delivery will help both companies expand their customer bases.

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