Navigant Consulting Initiates Study On Solar PV Smart Grid


Navigant Consulting Inc. is launching a major multi-client study on the convergence of the smart grid with photovoltaics. This comprehensive study will help participating organizations identify the key technology components of a PV smart grid; understand how the smart grid could create additional value for distributed PV; gain insight into the implications for utilities; and identify trends and valuable market opportunities.

‘It's an exciting time for PV, and we see tremendous opportunity with regard to the emerging smart grid,’ says Lisa Frantzis, managing director and leader of the renewable energy team within NavigantConsulting's energy practice.

‘This study will describe the likely evolution of PV and PV-enabling smart grid technologies, and the potential for new business models that will arise out of the convergence of the two,’ she adds.

Navigant Consulting has begun accepting participants in the study, whose target launch date is in late April. For details, contact Frantzis at (781) 270-8314 or

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