NeoVolta Presents High-Capacity NV24 Battery System


NeoVolta Inc., a company that designs, develops and manufactures residential-energy-storage batteries, has expanded the storage capacity of its NV14 home solar battery with the new NV24 battery add-on. 

Pairing the NV14 with the NV24 increases storage capacity from 14.4 kWh to 24 kWh. With additional energy stored for later use, the paired system cuts monthly utility bills and provides longer-lasting backup power during extended power outages.

The NV24 meets the demand for high-capacity home solar storage. The electric grid is more vulnerable than ever to prolonged power outages caused by extreme weather or cyberattack. In California, where NeoVolta installation is available, public safety power shutdowns are routine during the wildfire season that’s become longer and more intense. The NV14/NV24 outputs 32 A of continuous power, so it can power more energy-consuming appliances at one time.   

“Any homeowner with high-energy consumption, or who lives in an area that’s prone to extended power outages, should consider increasing their solar storage capacity,” says Brent Willson, CEO of NeoVolta. “That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the NV24. Pairing the NV14 with an NV24 is the ideal solution for scaling up capacity to meet your home’s energy needs.”

The NV24 system adds two batteries but does not require a second inverter, which results in significant cost savings. Like the NV14, the NV24 can be installed inside or outside, and the two cabinets need to be placed within four feet of each other. Homeowners can have the two systems installed together, or the NV24 can be retrofitted to an existing NV14 in 90 minutes or less. 

The NV14 and NV24 meet the standards of Underwriters Laboratories, a trusted name in product safety certification.

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