NEP Solar Selects Alanod-Solar Reflective Material


Alanod-Solar, a manufacturer of reflective and absorptive solar surfaces, says that its MIRO-SUN reflective material has been selected by NEP Solar in its PolyTrough 1200 and upcoming PolyTrough 1800 solar thermal collectors. The NEP Solar PolyTrough 1200 was the recent recipient of the Innovation Award in the solar thermal category at Intersolar 2009 in Munich, Germany.

NEP Solar's new solar process heat collector won the award using a proprietary process for the production of composite reflector panels. Instead of the more traditional two-step attachment process, NEP Solar molds the aluminum reflector sheet directly onto a composite structure in one single production step, Alanod-Solar explains.

The MIRO-SUN aluminum reflector then becomes an actual part of the composite panel and contributes to the overall structural stiffness of the panel. This method guarantees the geometric precision of the panel.

The PolyTrough 1200 with MIRO-SUN targets an untapped market segment because it is designed for mid-range process temperatures between 100 degrees C and 220 degrees C. The system offers enormous market potential because it can be installed on roofs or on the ground and is used primarily for the generation of process heat and solar cooling, the company says.

SOURCE: Alanod-Solar

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