Nevada Governor Signs Two Renewable Energy Bills


Gov. Jim Gibbons, R-Nev., has approved S.B.358 and S.B.522, both of which are intended to support renewable energy development in the state.

S.B.358 creates the renewable energy and energy efficiency authority; establishes the position of the Nevada energy commissioner; revises provisions related to energy and state and residential property; revises provisions related to public utility rates; revises provisions related to capacity and incentives in certain renewable energy programs; and requires the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to adopt regulations authorizing electric utilities to recover certain costs.

The bill also authorizes local governing bodies to establish improvement districts for the construction and installation of certain renewable energy projects, energy efficiency projects and public safety projects; abolishes the Task Force for Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation; and transfers authority for the administration of the Trust Fund for Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation from the Task Force to the Authority.

S.B.522 creates the fund for renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation loans and the account for set-aside programs; authorizes the director of the Office of Energy to administer the fund; and authorizes the granting of partial abatements of certain property taxes and local sales-and-use taxes to certain facilities for the generation of process heat from solar renewable energy, wholesale facilities for the generation of electricity from renewable energy, facilities for the generation of electricity from geothermal resources and facilities for the transmission of electricity produced from renewable energy.

SOURCE: Office Of Gov. Jim Gibbons

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