New 5 kW Grid-Tied Solar Converter Available


Vancouver, British Columbia-based Xantrex Technology Inc., a manufacturer of power electronic products, has launched its 5 kW Xantrex GT 5.0 Grid Tie Solar Inverter.

The single-phase, grid-tied solar inverter is designed to work with a variety of modules on the market, the company says. It has a peak efficiency rating of 96.5%, with a 95.5% rating on the California Energy Commission (CEC) list. In addition, the Xantrex GT features a split-chassis design so the inverter can be separated from the wiring box if it needs to be replaced.

Xantrex's line of solar inverters includes the 2.5 kW, 3 kW, 3.3 kW, 3.8 kW and now 5 kW models. According to the company, they all have a 10-year warranty and meet the Underwriters Laboratories 1741 standard for safety.

For more information, contact the company at (604) 422-8595 or visit

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