New Book Cites Cleantech Economy Opportunity In Climate Change Challenge


Many of us, who have been on the ground floor of the renewable energy business, are secretly experiencing the warm, fuzzy feelings that precede explosive global growth. Economic opportunity of this scale happens very rarely. Recent history tells us that nothing changes on this scale peacefully until the economics are in alignment with necessity and invention.

Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison and now an independent consultant, describes such an alignment in his book ‘Creating Climate Wealth.’ He offers a clear, engaging, easy-to-understand conversation about seizing this moment to make climate change a huge business opportunity – whether you work at the top, or in the trenches – anywhere on the planet.

In this fast-paced, straightforward read, he describes in detail the opportunity in front of all of us – how to turn the biggest challenge of our lifetime – climate change – into a $10 trillion new economy. Shah makes a compelling case for reaching a 2020 climate goal through 100,000 companies worldwide, each generating $100 million in sales.

Even if you are skeptical of the $10 trillion figure Shah portrays, it's worth reading to understand his core message that we need business model innovation – not just technology innovation – to unlock the deployment of clean technologies around the world.

"Creating Climate Wealth," is available at

Douglas Elbinger is an energy policy analyst at

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