New Caleffi DIRTMAG Option for Solar Thermal Systems


Caleffi has expanded its DIRTMAG family of products with the introduction of a new DIRTMAG dirt separator with a magnet that can be installed on either horizontal or vertical piping with a rotating brass base mount.

In solar thermal, heating and air conditioning systems, the circulating fluid with impurities causes rapid wear, damage, noise, and reduced performance. The DIRTMAG removes both magnetic and non-magnetic particles continuously, featuring a powerful removable external rare-earth magnet around the body.

Caleffi says the large dirt collection chamber requires infrequent cleaning, which is as easy as removing the magnetic collar and opening the large drain valve while the system is operating. The NA5453 series DIRTMAG is available in size 3/4-inch and 1-inch, with threaded or sweat union connections.

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