New Coalition Aims To Protect Solar Net Metering In California


A coalition of public health leaders and solar energy companies has formed a new organization, Californians Against Utilities Stopping Solar Energy (CAUSE) in order to combat what the group describes as monopoly utility efforts to kill rooftop solar.

CAUSE, which has not yet announced a public website, is dedicated to maintaining a thriving solar market in California, as well as promoting the health and economic benefits that solar delivers to all Californians.

According to the group, the state's investor-owned utilities are trying to end net energy metering, a successful policy in 43 states that gives consumers fair credit for the solar electricity they deliver to the grid. Los Angeles-area physicians Luis Pacheco and Deonza Thymes are serving as co-chairs of CAUSE to help preserve Californians' ability to switch to solar electricity.

‘Ending rooftop solar in California would be a disaster for local job growth and environmental sustainability,’ says Pacheco. ‘It would mean more carbon-emitting power sources and more dirty air. That's not a path toward the long-term wellness and economic health that our state needs.’

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