New Duke Energy Brand Offering Clean Energy, Infrastructure Solutions at Scale


Duke Energy has launched Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, a new commercial brand that unifies products and services offered by several Duke Energy subsidiaries, including Duke Energy Renewables, REC Solar and Duke Energy One, under one comprehensive brand.

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions offers customized clean energy and resilient infrastructure solutions at scale for private and public companies, government-led organizations and educational institutions nationwide. Duke Energy says the new brand marks a significant step forward in connecting customers with innovative, future-focused sustainable energy solutions that will create real change for businesses and communities today and for years to come.

The organization leverages Duke Energy’s industry experience to deliver the sustainable energy solutions customers need and want, while empowering them to run stronger, more resilient operations that will help them meet their resiliency, sustainability and clean energy goals.

“We know customers are looking for energy solutions that can create real change in our communities while helping their bottom line,” says Chris Fallon, president of Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions. “We’re combining decades of experience in project development, operations and financing to design innovative solutions that fit within customers’ existing infrastructure or create new renewable energy or resiliency solutions that will address their needs and help them achieve their sustainability goals.”

From financing to planning, and construction and installation to management, Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions says it offers advanced technology and the latest breakthroughs to create smart and sustainable solutions, empowering companies to make a measurable impact, help reduce emissions and gain resiliency with future-focused solutions tailored to their business model, industry and specific location.

To learn more about Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, click here.

Photo: Duke Energy’s Utility-Scale Solar Energy Systems web page

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