New Energy Technologies Appoints New Board Members


New Energy Technologies Inc., a developer of alternative and renewable energy technologies, has appointed Dr. Steven Hegedus and Jerry Lynch to the company's scientific advisory board.

Hegedus is a research scientist at the Institute of Energy Conversion at the University of Delaware, the world's oldest photovoltaic research laboratory. He is credited with more than 90 scientific publications related to thin-film solar cell fabrication, characterization, manufacturing methods and reliability studies, and has played an active role in the development of numerous solar cell technologies. Hegedus has specific expertise related to optical enhancement, textured transparent conducive oxides, thin-film device analysis and characterization, heterojunctions, and stability under accelerated degradation conditions.

Lynch is the principal engineer at Sigma Design Co., and is currently serving as lead engineer in the development of New Energy's MotionPower Express technology for generating electricity from the motion of cars and light trucks. He has more than 25 years of experience creating innovative designs, implementing process improvement and solving business problems. As a senior-level manager, he has been responsible for all phases of new product development, has significant experience in technology acquisitions and has assisted in launching six new manufacturing business ventures.

SOURCE: New Energy Technologies Inc.

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