New Energy Technologies Notes Test Results For SolarWindow


New Energy Technologies Inc. says that new tests of the company's ultra-small solar cells for use in its transparent SolarWindow have demonstrated substantially superior performance over current thin-film and solar photovoltaic technologies at generating electricity from artificial light.

‘One of the biggest issues with today's solar products is their dependency on direct sunlight, which our cells have demonstrated the potential capacity to overcome,’ states Meetesh V. Patel, president and CEO of New Energy Technologies.

‘We're now actively working to coat these cells onto transparent glass in order to fabricate our SolarWindows, which generate electricity and have the potential to be installed virtually anywhere that either direct sunlight or artificial lighting, such as fluorescent systems, emit visible light,’ he continues. ‘In contrast, today's building-integrated solar and photovoltaic products are limited to installation on south-facing surfaces, as is the case with currently available solar materials tested in these newest experiments.’

In a series of new experiments, researchers repeatedly tested New Energy's ultra-small solar cells on a 1-inch x 1-inch substrate against today's popular solar materials for their capacity to produce electricity under varying artificial light conditions, mimicking the levels of light exposure in homes and commercial offices.

In every case, New Energy's solar cells, the smallest reported organic solar cells of their kind in the world, outperformed all of the conventional materials tested, according to the company.

SOURCE: New Energy Technologies Inc.

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