New Experts Join ersol Management Team


Germany-based ersol Solar Energy AG has strengthened its management team with the addition of Peter Schneidewind as director of the modules division and managing director of ersol subsidiaries aimex-solar GmbH and ersol Thin Film GmbH; Dr. Christian Koitzsch as managing director of ersol Thin Film GmbH; Rainer Lausen as director of operations in the solar cells area; Dr. Hans-Joachim Krokoszinski as head of technology; and Dr. Heribert Raaf as plant manager of Cell Fab 2.

Schneidewind has been responsible for the modules division since September. Following his time at the Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme in Freiburg, he initially worked as a product developer for solar systems at Schott. During his activities as a product manager at Ferrofluidics, he led Europe-wide sales and distribution for thin film technology. Most recently, Schneidewind worked at Roland Berger Strategy Consultant, where he managed the hi-tech area for many years, focussing on semiconductor technology and renewable energies.

Koitzsch, a solid-state physicist, has been active in the ersol Group since July 2006 as group manager, silicon material. Following his physics studies at the Swiss university of Neuchâtel, Koitzsch initially spent a number of years as a process engineer in the production department of ABB Semiconductors. He then joined ersol, where he successfully integrated the silicon recycling subsidiary SRS Inc. into the ersol Group.

Lausen, as director of operations, has ultimate responsibility for cell production at ersol. His responsibilities also include managing the operational area of quality assurance. While at Philips in Hamburg, Lausen worked in the area of semiconductor production, and he most recently worked at Delphi, where he was responsible for optimizing production processes.

Krokoszinski will focus on developing novel crystalline solar cells, as well as oversee the R&D activities of the entire ersol Group. With a doctorate in solid-state physics, he has spent many years in top positions in research departments at major groups. For example, during the 1980s, Krokoszinski worked in the research center of Asea Brown Boveri in Heidelberg with electronics technologies and headed the electric energy technology department. He most recently worked as lab manager for Renewable Energy Systems at General Electric Global Research.
Raaf, who has a doctorate in surface physics in the field of microstructuring, supports the ersol Solar Cells division as plant manager of the new cell factory in Arnstadt. He most recently worked at X-Fab in Dresden.

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