New Guide Helps Developers Connect Renewable Energy Projects To Grid


The California Independent System Operator Corp. (CAISO) is now offering an online tool that provides guidance about the basics of connecting renewable energy projects to the electric grid.

Developers of power plants, including solar and wind energy projects, can now use a step-by-step guide to help determine the impacts of connecting the projects to the high-voltage power grid.

The guide includes interconnection options and answers to frequently asked questions in order to help developers understand basic requirements; a decision-mapping questionnaire to help developers determine if interconnecting makes good business sense; and applications, forms and agreements for participants with projects currently in the interconnection study queue.

‘The [CAISO] is responsible for ensuring that power plants connecting to the grid are reliable and can deliver electricity when and where it is needed,’ says Tom Doughty, director of customer service and stakeholder affairs at CAISO. ‘Advancing viable green projects efficiently through the queue will help keep California's 33% renewable goal on track for 2020.’

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