New Hospital In Haiti Will Feature Solar Installation With Unirac Mounting System


Unirac Inc., a provider of infrastructure for solar power systems, has provided Boston-based Sullivan & McLaughlin with a customized flat-roof RapidRac G10 PV mounting system to be used for a 400 kW solar installation in Haiti.

The solar energy system will be installed atop the soon-to-be-opened Mirebalais Hospital, located 30 miles north of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The installation is designed to meet the energy needs of the hospital and may even allow the facility to return extra capacity back to the power grid.

The panels were securely mounted eight inches above the roof for optimal heat dissipation and maximized exposure, Unirac explains.

‘The entire installation was raised off the roof to avoid extreme heat buildup and to prevent roof flooding during the rainy season,’ notes Stephen Hopkins, project executive.

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