New Jersey Solar Association Backs Selection Of New Utility Board President


The New Jersey Solar Grid Supply Association (NJSGSA) says it strongly supports the selection of Dianne Solomon as the new president of New Jersey's Board of Public Utilities (BPU).

Solomon, the wife of former BPU President Lee Solomon, was appointed after the agency's most recent president, Bob Hanna, was confirmed by the state Senate to fill a vacancy as judge in New Jersey's Superior Court.

"Governor Chris Christie's timely choice is an opportunity to assure New Jersey residents that he's committed to appointing officials with top-notch ethics who can review and correct previous BPU decisions that have decimated New Jersey's solar grid supply industry," says Jim Spano, NJSGSA president.

The NJSGSA is a coalition of solar grid supply developers that require the cooperation of the BPU to develop and finance their solar projects. The NJSGSA has recently filed a 16-count, $500 million lawsuit against the State of New Jersey and the BPU claiming the loss of millions of dollars invested in solar energy projects that the organization says the BPU prevented from being built.

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