New Jersey Solar Incentive Program No Longer Accepting Applications


The New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP), administered by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities' Office of Clean Energy, has stopped accepting applications for solar rebates under its Renewable Energy Incentive Program (REIP).

REIP funding-cycle 2, which opened May 3, received an unprecedented number of applications. The funding-cycle budgets were established for each budget category to spread available rebate funding over the three four-month funding-cycle periods.

In just three days, an entire cycle's worth of applications was submitted for residential and nonresidential solar projects through the program, the Office of Clean Energy says. On the first business day of funding cycle 2, the program received over 1,110 applications.

The 2010 New Jersey Clean Energy Budget, as approved by the Board of Public Utilities on Dec. 16, 2009, provided budgets to three funding cycles this year.

The Office of Clean Energy anticipates having a recommendation for consideration of additional funding or potential program changes at the June 7 board meeting and urges prospective applicants to check its website weekly for updates. Funding-cycle 3 is planned to open Sept. 1.

SOURCE: New Jersey Office Of Clean Energy

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