New Mill Valley Fire Station Exemplifies Energy Efficiency


A new, energy-efficient Throckmorton Ridge fire station in Mill Valley, Calif., has replaced the old station from the 1950s. The building now features a 38 kW solar photovoltatic (PV) system designed by San Rafael, Calif.-based SPG Solar Inc. and a geothermal system.

According to the Marin County Fire Department, the station's solar energy system is made up of 232 Kyocera 200 W modules and 10 Fronius IG-4500 inverters, and will provide over 40% of the station's annual electricity needs. In addition, the building includes natural light and ventilation, environmentally friendly carpeting, flooring, insulation and structure steel, and the implementation of a waste diversion program during its construction.

‘This station reflects two important goals of the county – to provide for a sustainable future and encourage community partnerships,’ says Ken Massucco, chief of the Marin County Fire Department. ‘Needless to say, this station will serve as a model for other fire departments to emulate across the state and country.’

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