New Name For Draker


The company formerly known as Draker Solar Design is now Draker Laboratories. In a press release, the Burlington, Vt.-based Draker announced it was changing its name in order to ‘better express the nature of the products and services it now provides.’

‘While it may seem like a small distinction, it's a critical one,’ says A.J. Rossman, Draker founder and chief executive officer. ‘When I started Draker nearly 10 years ago, we were working mostly in the solar arena and our laboratory was the field. Today, we're developing performance monitoring systems for a full range of renewable energy sources and it's become much more of a customer-driven R&D operation. The new Draker facility is a laboratory designed to meet the needs of renewable energy providers.’

The name change precedes the launch of a new line of high-performance monitoring systems for medium- and large-scale energy projects. The company provides performance-monitoring tools, systems and support for green power technologies, including photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind and hybrid systems.

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