New Report Examines Access To Local Renewable Energy Contracts


The Center for American Progress, a research and educational institute, has released a paper called CLEAN Contracts: Making Clean Local Energy Accessible. The report examines feed-in tariffs, which the group calls Clean Local Energy Accessible Now contracts (CLEAN contracts).

The report, published with co-authors from Groundswell and the Energy Action Coalition, explores how to implement CLEAN contracts in ways that create the greatest benefit for consumers, communities and the economy as a whole.

The CLEAN contract is designed to overcome the specific barriers that stand in the way of businesses and consumers investing in renewable energy projects. It helps overcome up-front cost barriers to investment by making renewable energy projects more easily financeable, the report says. The contracts provide certainty on the price of electricity and uptake of that energy by utilities through long-term contracts, and they offer a clearly understood, standardized process for developing projects.

This paper describes how lawmakers and advocates can successfully move CLEAN contacts forward, given how the contracts are affected by federal regulation. It closes with recommendations on how to make sure the policies benefit ratepayers, workers, investors, and the U.S. economy.

The full report is available here.

SOURCE: Center for American Progress

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