New Solar Irrigation System Completed With Students’ Help


WorldWater & Power Corp., a Pennington, N.J.-headquartered developer and marketer of solar systems, has completed a new solar irrigation system at the Egg Harbor Township Arboretum, N.J.

The new two-story building accommodates rooftop PV panels and a solar electric pumping system to irrigate the 15-acre Arboretum grounds and supplies water for drinking and for the restrooms within the building. Engineers from WorldWater & Power worked closely with students from the Eagle Academy to design and build the new solar facility, the company says. WorldWater handled the installation and supervised students who built the braces for the solar panels and assembled the gravity-fed stand and tank for the solar unit.

‘Students got a taste of the technology, and it was a real eye-opener for them, an incredible resource of information from World Water & Power,’ says Bob Zentmeyer, the Eagle Academy's supervisor of alternative education.

In building the solar installation, Eagle Academy students also collaborated with the township's planning board, environmental commission, the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The Arboretum Enhancement Project was funded through a grant form the Geraldine Dodge Foundation.

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