New Solar PV Cell Manufacturer Selects Edwards Systems


Edwards, a supplier of vacuum and exhaust management equipment and services, has sold two ATLAS thermal conditioning systems to Solsonica, a newly established manufacturer of photovoltaic cells and modules.

Edwards says the ATLAS system provides reliable, high-performance, low-cost exhaust management of the flammable and acidic gases derived from the chemical vapor deposition processes used to manufacture semiconductors and next-generation solar cells. Solsonica will use the ATLAS system to abate the gases produced during silicon nitride deposition in its polysilicon solar cell manufacturing operations.

The ATLAS technology incorporates a unique inward-fired radiant combustor and high-efficiency three-stage water scrubber. It helps lower the cost of ownership through reduced water usage and features full tool interfacing for utilities conservation and maximized tool uptime. In addition, a small footprint helps optimize the use of fab space.

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