New Survey Shows Voters Support Renewable Energy Legislation


U.S. voters are more likely to support candidates who support an energy bill that supports renewable energy and reduces pollution, according to a new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling for the NRDC Action Fund.

The poll, which covered 23 key congressional districts, showed that voters favor a clean energy plan by an average of 52%. Voters supported clean energy legislation – by a clear majority in 21 out of 23 races, with two races in a statistical tie. Moreover, they were more likely to support candidates who supported such a bill by a 20-point spread.

The surveys covered 23 closely watched U.S. House races with incumbents who voted for the American Clean Energy and Security Act. The NRDC Action Fund says it selected these districts based on ratings from independent analysts that showed these incumbents were in close races and because the outcome of these contests could determine which party will control the House of Representatives.Â

The full results of the report are available here.

SOURCE: NRDC Action Fund

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