New U.K. Company Uses Drones To Inspect Solar Projects


Push Energy Ltd. and Buzzflyer Ltd. have established Above Surveying Ltd., a new drone inspections company for the solar photovoltaics market in the U.K.

Above Surveying says it incorporates its patent-pending geo-referencing aerial pyranometer (GAP) technology and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform to provide inspections beyond the limits of ground-based methods.

According to Above Surveying, the GAP technology allows the company to capture irradiance data, which is then combined with thermographic imagery and temperature gradient information to methodically categorize changes and defects across an entire solar plant. Clients can then access the inspection reports and geo-referenced, high-resolution imagery via any Internet-connected device.

Above Surveying 2Push Energy is a solar engineering, procurement and construction contractor and operations and maintenance provider; Buzzflyer is a UAV contractor and supplier.

“Our experience shows that even a solar plant with zero string errors and a healthy performance ratio will almost certainly have a surprising number of defective modules,” comments Will Hitchcock, managing director of Above Surveying. “Our unique technology allows us to identify and categorize these defects with speed and efficiency so they can be addressed and optimum performance restored.”

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