New Web Site Aims To Help Consumers Stem Energy Use


Choose Renewables LLC, a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based online provider of renewable energy content and commerce, has announced the launch of, a one-stop destination that helps consumers understand their energy impact and take action to improve it.

With ChooseRenewables' free MyEnergy Analyst, consumers can calculate their personal energy impact. MyEnergy Makeover assists the site's visitors in creating energy-reduction plans. The MyWatts Renewables Estimator allows users to enter their address and receive a free evaluation of potential solar and wind options they may be eligible to install at their home or business.

‘Our mission is to not only educate consumers, but to empower them to take action by connecting them with realistic, easy-to-implement solutions that can dramatically reduce and diversify their energy use,’ says Michael Ford, founder and president of ChooseRenewables. ‘We encourage our customers to focus on reducing their energy use by adopting energy efficient technologies and changing their own behavior.’

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