Newdoll Enterprises Offering Solar Panel Emulator


Newdoll Enterprises LLC, based in Menlo Park, Calif., has developed the Solar Power Emulator, a new test set for fully controlling input for inverter design and development. The product is ideal for developing and verifying maximum power point tracking algorithms, the company says.

The Solar Power Emuator features programmable solar panel characteristics, with both static and transient, dynamic characteristics accurately emulated, Newdoll Enterprises says. It also includes programmable photocurrent profiles for sunrise, sunset and cloud emulation; a true analog output stage, with output power up to 275 W; adjustable short-circuit current from 0.01A to 11A; and adjustable open-circuit voltage from 16 V to 55 V.

The unit is fully protected against overheating, over-voltage and over-current, Newdoll Enterprises adds. It includes a galvanically isolated USB interface for full remote control and can be connected in series to match full PV strings.

Optional product features include an inverter efficiency analyzer, a fully isolated precision AC power meter and a stand-alone control option.

SOURCE: Newdoll Enterprises LLC

Newdoll Enterprises: (650) 365-2843

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