Newport Corp. Enhances Capabilities For Solar PV Market


Newport Corp. has enhanced its Technology and Applications Center (TAC) and unveiled a range of device characterization and material-science capabilities dedicated to the photovoltaic market.

The new TAC incorporates lasers, light sources, motion systems, optics, and test and measurement technologies to complement the ongoing efforts of the company's industrial applications laboratory in Mountain View, Calif., and photovoltaic applications laboratory in Stahnsdorf, Germany. These sites are dedicated to researching and developing new techniques and innovative laser-based technologies that help increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of manufacturing solar cells.

Leveraging the company's Oriel product family, the TAC offers a range of capabilities, including solar simulators, IV testing, and QE and IQE measurement. In addition, the center also uses femtosecond laser technology and spectroscopy to offer measurements of photoluminescence, carrier lifetime via transient absorption and nonlinear imaging.

‘Over the next 12 months, we will be further expanding our capabilities to include QE testing of multi-junction solar cells, light-biased QE testing, photoluminescence lifetime measurements, and pump probe and 2D IR study of charge transfer in organic solar cells,’ remarks Dr. Ruben Zadoyan, director of the TAC.

SOURCE: Newport Corp.

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