Newport Introduces PV IsoStation For Solar Photovoltaic Applications


Newport Corp., a provider of lasers and photonics solutions, has introduced the latest addition to its portfolio of photovoltaic development solutions: the PV IsoStation series workstations.

Newport's PV IsoStation is a unique, 36′ x 60′ ergonomic workstation specifically designed for PV test and development applications. It features integrated storage and shelving for instruments, solar simulators and other devices, and a specially treated work surface that reduces light reflectivity by a factor of six compared to typical optical table surfaces.

The company says the workstation will assist in the development and efficiency improvement of both thin-film and silicon-based cells. Applications include I-V testing, quantum efficiency testing of solar cells, light-biased QE testing, photoluminescence lifetime measurements and the study of charge transfer in organic solar cells.

The PV IsoStation features a black shelving system for supporting instruments, low reflectivity, a black RG series breadboard, a rigid black support structure with built-in cabinets, a 19′ standard instrument rack, and casters for easy mobility.

Newport Corp.: (949) 253-1218

SOURCE: Newport Corp.

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